Group Walk, February 10, 2002

This was a new walk through East Vancouver and Fisher's Landing,
 and it started at the Bell Tower Brew Pub.  One new member and one guest attended.

Leader: Jan Breneman.  Participants: see 3rd picture below.

Photo Description


 New member Ruth Jones and  guest Margaret Martin


 The Bell Tower


 At the Start Point for the new Bell Tower YRE on 
 February 10. Left-right: Margaret Martin (guest), Ann 
 Firth, Joan Heins, Jan Breneman, Liz Connors (back), 
 and Ruth Jones.


 In front of one of the waterfalls at Tech Center Central
 Park on the Bell Tower Brewhouse YRE. L-R Liz
 Connors, Ruth Jones, Ann Firth, Joan Heins, Margaret

Jan Breneman