Weekend Walking 

All Weather Walkers (AWW) will be coordinating group walks on weekends and holidays when there are no nearby AVA sponsored events. See the current schedule at:


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Wednesday Weekly Walking

Wednesday Weekly Walking - Group Walks of various Year-Round Events in the Portland-Vancouver area with optional lunch.   http://www.vancouverusavolkssporters.org/Wed/wed.htm

Walk Oregon / Washington

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Walk Oregon Web Page:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/walkoregon2/
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Walk Washington Web Page:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/walkwashington/
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The Osprey Walking Group

See an December 2013 article from The Camas Post Record here.

This non-volkssport club walks without fail Mondays through Fridays at 8 am at Round Lake in Camas. Meet in the parking lot at the main entrance to Lacamas Park (just south of Lacamas Lake) on Everett Street in Camas.

The basic route is a 5K over rolling hills, but longer walks are possible in this very beautiful setting. There is some variation in the route, e.g., during the blooming of the Camas lilies, which cover many acres. As many as 40 walkers of all abilities show up each morning.

The group is very sociable with non-walking events (potlucks, breakfasts, annual holiday party, etc.) held throughout the year.  Membership is free, and you can participate in any of the events (walking or non-walking) as you wish.

This is a good early morning workout, especially when you are pressed for time.

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